Primary Source - SWWIM January 2019

Student Handbook - Bullets into Bells June 2018 (website)

Ethnic Arithmetic - Matter May 2018

American Robin and Throw Roses at Me - Poet Lore Spring/Summer 2018 (not available online)

Moonlit Stitch with Lines from the Women's March - Poets Reading the News (with audio)

Mother Tongue - Lunch Ticket

that was so 2016 of me to think -  Poets Reading the News

After the Storm - Rise Up Review

Theory of Probability - Barrow Street 2016 (not available online)

Field, A Body and Not an Aubade - The Cortland Review (with audio)

At the Mercato di Porto Nolana, Woman Picking Olives in Catania, and Empedocles' Shoe - jmww.com

Pupusas at St. Camillus Church, Maryland - Poet Lore Spring/Summer 2013 (not available online)

Abuelo Mio - Hinchas de Poesia 

El Regreso - PALABRAS: A Magazine of Chicano and Latino Literary ArtMagazine of Chicano & Latino Literary Art


Mother Tongue - Dancing Girl Press 2018

Craft Essays in Book Anthologies:

“Eat Your Spinach! Why a Blended Academic Discourse Matters” Creative Composition: Inspiration and Techniques for Writing Instruction

Blog Posts: 

Teaching Poetry of the Immigrant Experience - Edutopia

Teach Empathy with Digital Immigration Stories - Edutopia 

Welcoming Immigrant Students in the Classroom - Edutopia

National Poetry Month: Guest Blogger - Chloe Yelena Miller, Writer & Writing Teacher

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